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Colonel (retired) Pat Stogran Afghanistan, March 2002

Colonel (retired) Pat Stogran
Afghanistan, March 2002

When I commanded 3 PPCLI in Afghanistan in 2002, we were attached to the 3rd Brigade of the 101 Airborne Division (Air Assault), the Rakkasans.  In the opening days of the operation Commander 101st Airborne, Major General Richard Cody, offered me some learned advice.  He explained that the things I do to inspire and motivate the troops early in our deployment would not continue to be effective later on.  General Cody encouraged me to treat the operation like a “Leadership Laboratory”.  That I did, and I continued to follow his advice after we redeployed home, in my subsequent employment on the staff at National Defence Headquarters and with civilians at Pearson Peacekeeping Centre, and as Ombudsman.

The experiment continues.  In my retirement, instead of becoming just another cog in some huge, bureaucratic machine, like I was when I served in the Canadian Forces,  I intend to continue my growth as a leader and serve a greater good by practicing what I preach.

You are welcome to join me in this journey, if you wish, by following along here.