TRG Publication – Victims of War


A short (20 pages), very high quality (B&W, colour cover) graphic novel, Victims of War tells the story of an unadvertised cost associated with ‘keeping the peace.’  Veterans and families who have lived and continue to live this story will want to own one of these ‘collectables,’ and to give them to  friends and family members to learn more about the unintended harm caused by military intervention.

Product Description

The Old Vet, an apparition from the history and tradition of service, faith and loyalty, explains the implications of Canada’s military adventurism vis-a-vis the families of veterans.  All too often, mainstream Canadians will express their heartfelt compassion for their veterans, while the co-lateral damage that is caused to the families of our casualties is but a fleeting expression of sympathy.  Victims of War demonstrates how the deleterious effects of military operations impacts more seriously and broadly than the immediate casualties, and the harm done carries on for generations.  Based on true stories related to the author in his capacity as Veterans Ombudsman, the characters and detailed detailed storyline are purely fictional; however, the gravity of the situation should be considered a fair reflection of the tragic circumstances some Canadians find themselves in.  The publication draws attention to the lack of integrity of political leaders when it comes to following through on commitments, moral and legal, arising from their decision to use of military force.


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