Gorilla Leadership is an provocative interpretation of leadership that was born of battle, field tested and is universally applicable.   Devotees of Gorilla Leadership can expect to achieve higher levels of personal achievement and enjoy a better quality of life.   

Five principles characterise Leadership the Rebel Gorilla Way:

1.  Competition.
Gorilla Leadership
is about putting together a winning team and beating out the competition whether that is defeating an enemy on the battlefield, achieving economic prominence in the business world, or surmounting the challenges of everyday life here on Earth!

2.  Community
The measure of Gorilla Leaders is not their social status or the number of followers, but the collective accomplishments and contributions to a greater good that they inspire in their constituents!

3.  Critical Thinking
Gorilla Leaders are observant, inquisitive, analytical, and decisive, and are not constrained or unduly influenced by dogma, group thinking or the status quo!

4.  Creativity
Gorilla Leaders can envision the way things can or should be, and innovate ways and means to communicate and realize those visions!

5.  Courage
Gorilla Leaders reject the allure of sychophancy and the comfort of status quo in order to pursue their vision.  They possess the moral courage to persevere in the face of personal apprehension, friction, and full-on adversity!

Gorilla Leaders can transform organizations that may be wallowing in lagging or competitive market positions into substantive and enduring leaders amongst their business rivals.

Gorilla Leaders can make the workplace and the world a better place for everyone.