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I assert that the difference between leadership-biased commanders and management-biased commanders is how they think.  That said, like the US Army’s leadership model “Be-Know-Do” suggests there is most certainly a behavioural component to leadership also.  Literally thousands of volumes have been written on the subject, but sometimes we don’t need too much detail or theory.  Sometimes quality can override quantity, especially when we are looking at principles for shaping our behaviour or changing our habits to be a more effective leader.

If you want to learn about leadership, ask a Ranger!

If you want to learn about leadership, ask a Ranger!

The Website The Rhino Den offers one of the most concise and thoughtful pieces on how to act like a leader that I have seen, Nick’s Rules on Leadership  I think it kind of encapsulates what a young officer is expected to learn after a year of training and a tour as a platoon commander.  Many don’t, and many won’t learn these lessons after a lifetime of service in numerous command appointments.  I commend the author, Nick Palmisciano of Ranger Up, for creating such a wise piece of advice!

Anybody in a stewardship position who is truly committed to being an effective leader will do well by printing out a copy of this and holding onto it as an Aide de Memoire (memory aid).  It will give you a leg-up on how to “Act Like a Leader” and point number 15 will steer you in the right direction to “Think Like a Leader”.

Thanks to Ranger Up and The Rhino Den!


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