The Rebel Gorilla Leadership Experiment


The aim is to promote a dynamic, enterprising and benevolent interpretation of Leadership to aspiring Leaders.  That interpretation is reflected in the Gorilla Leadership brand.

The purpose is to stimulate the personal growth and increase individual potential of our future Leaders in order to enhance our collective wellbeing in the longterm.  This will be accomplished by way of a demonstration of leadership by example as I venture into the world of politics and government.

When one thinks of leadership, chances are one’s mind swings to thoughts of the government, the military and industry, particularly the person in charge.  As institutional leaders very few exhibit the attributes and character of the moral leader, most are what are known iin Gorilla Leadership terminology as First Followers.  They are people who are clearly ambitious, highly intelligent, talented and resourceful, often times remarkable people in terms of charisma.  First Followers as opposed to Leaders, however, will seek out and co-opt the biggest bandwagons they can mainly in order to promote their own prestige and quality of life. Leaders inspire people to pursue a vision, an idea borne out of critical and creative thought that the average person would not have embarked on.  Importantly, the Leader sets out to contribute to a common wealth and purpose and approaches decision-making in the context of contributing to a greater good.